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Individual PPE


Protective working clothing became obligatory with the German PSA-employment regulation of 20 December 1966. Individual personal protective equipment (PPE) offers working protection for employees with special health needs. Eye protection, hearing protection, and safety shoes are part of the mandatory PPE; however they will only be worn reliably when accepted by the workforce. Individual protective equipment is manufactured specially for each worker, the cost can be borne by the social pension fund. uvex offers individual PPE in the categories optics, earmolds, and orthopedic footwear.

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Occupational Health – Acceptance Of PPE

The strategic business unit “occupational health” includes protective work wear tailored to the special needs of a single wearer. Employers must ensure reliable use of personal protective equipment at all times. The following uvex solutions increase acceptance of obligatory PPE:


  • Individual PPE optics: protective glasses with correction according to EU norm EN 166. The wearer's refractive power is measured in-house at work or at an uvex optics partner's branch nearby. A borad assortment of individual spectacle frames for protective safety glasses tops our service.
  • Individual PPE acoustics: hearing protection according to EU norm EN 352 with individual adaption to the wearer's ear canal. Our uvex earmolds can be combined with a regular hearing aid. Fitting is done in-house by an uvex employee or third-party uvex beneficial professionals.
  • Individual PPE orthopedic footwear: safety shoes according to German regulation BGR 191, adapted to individual foot problems. As a system provider with competence in production, uvex offers safety shoes fitted by orthopedic shoemakers to the needs of each worker.

Manufacturing and technological expertise

uvex’s individual safety products are developed in Fürth, Germany, and manufactured according to German safety standards, thereby guaranteeing a high degree of safety, durability and comfort. 

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