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uvex Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones

Experience Innovation! Discover our innovative uvex safety apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • uvex i-3 augmented reality app


    Virtual fitting of innovative safety spectacles

    A new dimension in professional protective eyewear: the new uvex i-3 safety spectacle adapts brilliantly to suit any shape of face with innovative features such as the ergonomically designed bridge piece and variable side-arm inclination.

    The augmented reality app now lets you try on the uvex i-3 safety spectacle in virtual reality on your iPhone or iPad. This will give a true impression of how well the sporty design suits you. You can also find out all about the many features which ensure that the uvex i-3 delivers first class wearer comfort.

    • virtual fitting
    • advanced augmented reality technology
    • available in English, French and German



  • uvex Decibel app


    Find the right hearing protection for your needs with the new uvex Decibel app. Now available as a free download in the iTunes Store: