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Evolution is our daily mission, revolution is our goal. Discover what we mean by this in our new presentation.

uvex suXXeed Workwear

Die einen nennen es Passform, Funktionalität, Style. Wir nennen es Erfolg. Die uvex suXXeed Kollektion bringt wirklich alles auf den Punkt: durchdachte Funktionalität, sportliches Design, spannende Farbkontraste, ungewöhnliche Materialkombinationen und eine Schnittführung, die sitzt wie angegossen. Passform ohne Kompromisse. Freizeittauglich.

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uvex i-gonomics

Relief through innovation: the uvex i-gonomics product system

Ergonomics is an important topic when using personal protective equipment at work. The uvex i-gonomics product system makes a significant contribution to relieve strain on the body and in terms of staff health and safety.

A question of safety

A question of safety

In our video series "A question of safety", we go to the heart of the matter: What do I wear for angle grinding? Why do my safety spectacles get scratched? How comfortable can a safety helmet be? You can find all the questions and answers in our YouTube playlist.



Who is behind the safety spectacles, safety shoes and gloves? What is a brand system supplier with international with manufacturing expertise? In this YouTube playlist you can find out everything about uvex safety.



Products that protect people at work: In this YouTube playlist you can find out what makes personal protective equipment by uvex special – and why you should insist on nothing less.

You can find all our videos, other playlists and much more in our YouTube channel.

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