We frequently have our products and their components tested by independent laboratories and institutes. For skin friendliness. For absence of hazardous substances. And for lots more.


The excellent skin friendliness of many of our safety gloves is dermatologically approved. The safety gloves awarded this quality seal were clinically tested by the proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research GmbH (Hamburg, Germany).

proDERM studies: 11.0356-02, 11.0482-11, 13.0202-02, 15.0188-02, 15.0219-11

Since 1994 proDERM stands for professionalism and scientific expertise. The actions in the field of dermatological contract research are considered both innovative and scientifically rigorous. It is these characteristics, in combination with a stringent testing approach and high minimum requirements, which make the proDERM seal so valuable.

proDERM addresses with the seal manufacturers of high quality products who do not fear an intense test. The following uvex safety gloves have obtained the proDERM quality seal "dermatologically approved".

    uvex phynomic foam
    uvex phynomic x-foam HV
    uvex phynomic allround
    uvex phynomic wet
    uvex phynomic wet plus
    uvex phynomic XG
    uvex phynomic pro
    uvex phynomic C3
    uvex phynomic ESD
    uvex phynomic C5
    uvex phynomic lite
    uvex phynomic lite w

    proDERM has examined the skin tolerability of the hand protective products in different and independent studies. The irritating potential of the products were primarily examined in a 3 x 24 h patch test on 32 subjects and dermatologically assessed. In a following use-test, 20 subjects used the test products during their everyday professional life, 8 hours daily for 2 weeks. Finally, the corresponding skin areas were assessed by a physician.

    In both studies, the products showed high skin tolerance, which is from now on confirmed by the proDERM quality seal.

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    uvex safety gloves that obtained the proDERM certificate

    Jaa Tulosta