The new uvex 1 G2 Safety Shoes with innovative uvex i-PUREnrj Technology

The future is full of energy with the pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety shoes, covering protection class S1 and S2. uvex’s innovative polyurethane sole technology – uvex i-PUREnrj – redefines shock absorption and stability by recovering the landing energy from across the whole sole and returning it to the wearer. The result: more energy, noticeably greater comfort and significantly lower fatigue in the feet.

100% higher energy absorption than that specified by the EN ISO 20345 standard

29% higher shock absorption than standard polyurethane soles after 1000 km of use

66% energy recovery in the heel

21% less perceived fatigue compared to standard polyurethane soles

59% energy recovery in the forefoot


uvex i-PUREnrj Technology – Cushioning. Stability. Energy return.

uvex 1 G2 Safety Footwear – more information.

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The new uvex 1 G2. Visionary technology combined in one safety shoe.

Watch the video to find out how the new uvex 1 G2 achieves energy recovery and damping thanks to the new uvex i-PUREnrj polyurethane technology. Science. Not fiction.


uvex 1 G2 Safety Shoes – The models at a glance